Towards Data Quality: an Introduction

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This article emphasizes the significance of data quality in data-driven strategies and highlights the consequences of implementing data warehousing scenarios that need more attention to data quality. It introduces the concept of data quality management and discusses the ISO/IEC 25012 standard’s fifteen data quality characteristics. The article explains the different... [Read More]

Context-aware big data quality assessment: a scoping review

ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality

The term data quality refers to measuring the fitness of data regarding the intended usage. Poor data quality leads to inadequate, inconsistent, and erroneous decisions that could escalate the computational cost, cause a decline in profits, and cause customer churn. Thus, data quality is crucial for researchers and industry practitioners.... [Read More]

BIGQA: Declarative Big Data Quality Assessment

ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality

In the big data domain, data quality assessment operations are often complex and must be implementable in a distributed and timely manner. This paper tries to generalize the quality assessment operations by providing a new ISO-based declarative data quality assessment framework (BIGQA). BIGQA is a flexible solution that supports data... [Read More]

Searching between two date values in SQL Server

When working with databases, it is common to encounter scenarios where you must search for data within a specific date range. Fortunately, Microsoft SQL Server provides several methods for performing these types of searches with T-SQL. This SQL tutorial illustrates some of the most common techniques for searching between two... [Read More]
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Interviewing ChatGPT: What about Data Engineering?

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Interviewing ChatGPT is an article series where we delve into various technical domains by conversing with ChatGPT. With its knowledge base and natural language processing capabilities, ChatGPT can provide insights and answers to various technical questions. In this article, we will be asking several questions about data engineering.

MSSQLTips Rookie of the year winner

I am very thankful for being awarded the Rookie of the year. I am pleased that this award was based on the SSIS Bad Habits article series I published in 2022. A special thanks to Jeremy Kadlec, who encouraged me to complete this article series before the end of... [Read More]
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Write for Tech Blog

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MSSQLTips Rookie of the year award (2022)

Dear Audience, 2022 was my first year as a contributing author for I have written an article series (6 articles) named “SSIS Bad Habits” where I explained several bad practices that decrease the SSIS packages performance. I am gload to annouce that I was recognized as a contender for... [Read More]
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